Unlike many psychiatric practices, I firmly believe that prescribing drugs is not the only way to treat your condition.  I believe in the mind-body-spiritual connection and practice accordingly.  At your new patient evaluation I will take the necessary time to properly diagnose you and will inform as well as educate you on what your diagnosis may be. We will then begin crafting a multi-tiered treatment plan and set treatment goals together as well.

I am not afraid to suggest alternative remedies such as acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga, meditation, etc. as an aspect of your treatment.   If you currently are, or have been religious in the past, I may encourage you to use your spiritual beliefs as part of your treatment plan.

When the situation calls for prescription drugs I will prescribe with precision.  I believe in using the least amount of the least number of drugs necessary to treat your condition.  Psychiatric medications are not "happy pills" and cannot give you happiness in your life just by taking them.  However, they can effectively treat psychiatric conditions when taken properly and given enough time to work.  There is a great deal of misconception about psychiatric medications in general and I will take the time to educate you on the potential risks, benefits, side effects, and alternative options for each medication I prescribe to you.

Another critical component of your treatment plan may involve referral to a therapist to begin a course of psychotherapy.  This is not therapy as portrayed in the movies (e.g., laying on a couch and talking about your mother).  Instead, it is a process where you will gradually learn to understand your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors better.  With better knowledge may come the ability to change these thoughts, feelings and behaviors in a more positive manner.  Therapy is a collaborative process and requires a great deal of time and effort on your part.  It may also involve experiencing some intense and unwanted feelings such as guilt, fear, anxiety, and sadness.  However, a skilled therapist will be able to help you navigate you through all of these emotions.

With your permission I will also collaborate with your primary care physician and inform him/her about your psychiatric diagnosis as well as any psychiatric medications I may prescribe.  I will also ask you for a list of all of your current medications to help minimize the potential for drug-drug interactions.

My Practice Philosophy
with Wayne W. Chang, M.D. 

  "Improving mental health...
one patient at a time."